Thad K 'darshun' Watanabe

Graphic Designer


In Introduction to typography, my professor emphasized that researching about the subject before setting out to design is crucial in understanding the client's goal. I used Pinterest to research and brainstorm.

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After the research was completed, next the process begins. So I sketched ideas out on paper with a mechanical pencil and I was reminded that this does not have to be perfect nor does it have to be the final draft.

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Now the digital workflow can be executed to complete the process. Revise if necessary and to save all work. Remember to save at different instances to record the different permutations of the work itself.

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One may notice that I like to take pictures of sunsets and clouds.

This is a song I wrote with my last band, I played guitar on this, sans vocals


20 Years ago, this album was released and has left an indelible mark on my musical tastes.

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